Our mission is to make a more delicious, responsibly sourced, organic cookie. We started Christine's Cookie Company out of our love for cookies, but more importantly, wanted to stay purposeful with every bake, seeing how we could positively impact our local community and planet.

Our world today continues to consume the earth's natural resources unsustainably. When it comes to industrial food production, that translates to pesticide toxicity, polluted waters, soil erosion, and more. Not only is this affecting the communities that are located by these industrial facilities, but also the end consumer's health, and the earth we continue to draw resources from.

While food sustainability is a complex matter, we hope to start the conversation with something as simple as a cookie. We want you to get to know where your cookie comes from, so you can see the valuable work our local farmers and food workers do to challenge the status quo. Each purchase from Christine's Cookie Company is supporting organic food businesses in northern California, and we hope to find even more ways to invest in our local food community as we grow. You can also read more on Christine's mission and vision on her blog post here.